Copilot System

Through its installers network in Spain and Portugal, COPILOT System offers the livestock sector comprehensive projects for environmental farm management.


Since its foundation, COPILOT System has been working with the most prestigious European companies within the environmental and livestock sectors:
Associated since the beginning with ECOREL, a well-known French manufacturer of robots and fans, the company develops a wide range of products adapted to the Spanish and Portuguese markets.
As far as heating systems are concerned, COPILOT System is the official representative for Spain and Portugal (?) of the German company GUSTAV NOLTING GmbH, a specialist in heating, with an extensive experience acquired over the years in northern Europe.
The Dutch company GASOLEC B.V. has also entrusted COPILOT System as its exclusive distributor for Spain and Portugal. Gasolec’s screens and lamps are the No. 1 global brand for this type of products.
COPILOT System has the exclusive distribution rights in Spain for the Ziggity feeding and growth systems through an agreement signed with the Portuguese company EQUIPORAVE, S.A.
Additionally, COPILOT System has also entered agreements with other companies active in the same sector to distribute their products, such as TERMOTECNICA PERICOLI, MUNTERS, among others.
Thanks to these partnerships and to the prestigious and comprehensive range of proven efficient products, COPILOT System is able to offer the best solution through a personal evaluation of each particular background and needs.

COPILOT System creates the ideal environment for your business.


After several years in the Spanish and Portuguese markets, COPILOT System has clearly demonstrated the benefits of the projects in which they have participated with the leading environmental management systems in the sector, namely ventilation and cooling. Additionally, working with construction companies and designing products for very demanding research centres, has allowed COPILOT System to develop a unique experience.
When it comes to projects, the 10 years of experience in the Spanish and Portuguese markets is testimony to COPILOT System being the best consultant for your business.


COPILOT System was founded in 2001 with the aim of providing farmers with all the necessary equipment for improved environmental management through ventilation, heating and control robots.

Since then, in addition to increasing the product range with revised versions of products and marketing of new offerings for resource optimization and energy savings, COPILOT System has continued to add new ranges to expand its catalogue and to provide greater efficiency in total farm management.

Gradually, COPILOT System has been incorporating into its range new high-pressure fogging systems, which have been well received by the sector due to their advantages when compared with older systems, monochromatic lighting systems that provide resource optimization with greater benefits, and automatic feeding systems.

Currently, the company is working with major stakeholders in the environmental innovation sector, to incorporate new and more sustainable systems, which are less expensive in terms of energy and maintenance. This, in turn, will translate into better results.