Evolutionary Dynamic Regulation

Simplified management and comprehensive environmental control for pigs, chickens, rabbits, fattening…

  • High luminosity display
  • Easy to programme
  • Touch pad
  • Temperaturerecord
  • Interactive functions
  • Global visual


  • PVC Fixed box.
  • Graphic display of high luminosity..
  • 4 key touch pad.
  • 2 inputs for temperature sensor (ambient temperature and external temperature).
  • 1 NC contact (normally closed) of alarm, cooling or heating.
  • Power supply 230V – 50hz.
  • Dimensions in mm: 190 x 240 x 110
  • The temperatura probe is supplied with a 10 m cable.
  • Comes with an installation manual and a user guide.


  • Simple programming with icons.
  • Instantaneous reading of temperatura and ventilation flow.
  • Minimum ventilation and temperature set which evolve with age.
  • Record of temperatures (minimum and maximum)
  • Automatic adjustment of the regulation, according to the exterior temperature.
  • Alarms for power supply and temperature.
  • Automatic correction of the alarm settings for temperatura according to the outside temperature
  • Turnaround function.

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The COPILOT PROGRESS exceeds the european requirements of the main legislation

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