Feeders for turkeys and ducks

The COPILOT TURKEY PLUS feeders are the ideal feeding system for the rearing and fattening of turkeys and ducks.


  • Made in plastic
  • Shock resistant
  • Design to avoid feed wastage
  • Easy to clean, resistant to corrosion
  • Easy to install and to dismantle
  • Adequate for turkeys and ducks
  • Lower dishes can be exchanged to rear turkeys
  • With attractive sound for turkeys.
  • Hopper compatible with the current systems in the market
  • Bin for 12 kg of feed, optional


  • Improves significantly the feed conversion.
  • The sound stimulates the appetite of the turkeys.
  • Increased autonomy in the event of power failure.
  • A single high automatic line allows the control of several trough lines.
  • Easy to adjust the level of feed in the dish
  • Reduces the level of condemnations at the abattoir.
  • The same hopper can be used for high and low settings.
  • Possibility of incorporating duck rearing and fattening operations in the same House.

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