Gas infrared screen

Efficient in 14 metres!

In response to demand from farmers, we have designed a radiator that meets all your needs.

The screen G12 has been designed for maximum efficiency and convenience.

COPILOT SOL G12, the screen for the modern poultry farm.


COPILOT SOL G12 is the optimum heating system for poultry farms.

The unique reflector design allows to distribute the heat in a diameter of 14 meters evenly.
The surface of the burner of the G12 screen is substantially larger than the surface of other similarly constructed units. The angle of the burner has been calculated to provide a greater heating surface and constant transition of temperatures.

There are 2 screen control options available:

  • With individual thermostat (G12M)
  • Centralized control by boxes


  • Made of stainless steel and anticorrosive materials.
  • Provides efficient energy.
  • Excellent radiation. Effective in 14 metres.
  • Long durability and high reliability.
  • Available for propane and natural gas.
  • Includes long-life filter for dusty environments.
  • Easy to operate due to its simplistic design.

Technical data:

Capacity and consumption (PROPANE)

Model SOL G12 SOL G12M
Consumption 876 g/h 876 g/h
Pressure 37 mBar 28 mBar
Power 10.380 kCal (12 kW) 10.380 kCal (12 kW)
Weight 8,5 kg 8,5 kg

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