Electric air generator


The experience of the manufacturer of air heaters has to devise a set durable and economical for all professionals: COPILOT SOL NE.
Its ease of handling and transportation provide versatility and variety of applications: drying of new buildings, dehumidification of agricultural premises, heating of marquees and small hatcheries, etc.


  • Easy operation, fully automated.
  • Robust: Stainless steel construction with 2 layers and protective grille.
  • Easy transport and fitting thanks to its low weight.
  • Thermoelectric safety system and post airing timer.
  • They do not need extra ventilation systems; they can be used in rooms with low air exchange.
  • Can be equipped with individual thermostat or connected to control equipment.


  • Power selector with 2 positions.
  • 2.5 m cable with standard plug phase.
  • Optional: there is the possibility of equipping each generator with an individual thermostat and 10 m of cable.

Technical data:

The range of generators COPILOT SOL NE offers 2 different models which can be perfectly adapted to your facilities.

Model NE 9 NE 15
Thermal Power 6 / 9 kW. 9 – 15 kW.
Fan flow 900 m3/h 1.400 m3/h
Electric consumption 13 A 23 A.
Dimensions 500 x 320 x 470 mm. 580 x 320 x 470 mm.
Weight 17 kg. 20 Kg
Electric power 3 – 400 V 50 Hz. 3 – 400 V 50 Hz.

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