Serwall hatch

The SERWALL hatches are made to suit all your requirements. They are the FINAL SOLUTION to your air management problems.

  • They can be washed with water and detergent.
  • They are treated with special protectors against the sunlight and to withstand harsh environments.
  • They are lightweight, allowing easy placement on any surface.
  • They are rigid, allowing their manufacturing in large sizes.
  • They are very versatile because of their numerous combinations of height and length.
  • You do not need building work, as they can be made to cover the existing opening.



Interior view

Exterior view

The trap consists of two U profiles joined by a soft PVC board specially treated with a protective coat, allowing perfect articulation. This is all one piece, so it is completely air tight. . There is no termal bridge and can not be altered by oxidation.
The PVC board is placed in such a way that always forces the flap to open, so the strings are always taut. This makes the copilot SERWALL hatches suitable for their use in an emergency since they opened naturally.


Interior view

Exterior view

The piece of regulation consists of a cylinder (to pass the rope) and a screw, to regulate the openingof a trap without any tools. It can be done manually without having to touch the wires. It’s plastic and is not altered in corrosive environments.

Range and accesories:

Standard length: 100cm, 200cm, 400cm
Standard height: 28cm, 38cm, 58cm
Other sizes available upon request.

Optional accessories available: Pulleys, bronze bearings for tube 1, fans for closing the ends, wide range of rubber gaskets.

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