High Flow extractor


The large capacity extractor fans COPILOT VENT E are synonymous with energy saving; they have low energy consumption whilst getting optimum performance.


  • The motor-turbine complex is very accessible and is fixed by 4 arms for added stability. IP55 Motor.
  • The pulley and shaft can be removed easily for maintenance.
  • B5 type engine is specially prepared for high energy conversion.
  • Very low noise level.
  • Simple installation thanks to the multiple attachment points they present.
  • Robust panels to withstand accidental impact.
  • The centrifugal opening systems reduce losses and have excellent sealing.
  • Protective grates allow easy cleaning and meet the highest standards of safety.

Technical data:

The VENT range includes different models and sizes, with accessories and multiple options:

  • Helix galvanized (standard), painted or stainless steel.
  • Three-phase motor (standard) or single, with the possibility of regulation.
  • Different engine powers (to suit your needs).

The fans COPILOT VENT can be supplied with engines prepared for regulation of voltage. They have the mandatory outdoor protection kit in case of placing the fan at less of 2.50 m high.

Model Dimensions (mm.) Weight (kg.) Rotation (V/mn) Voltage (V./50Hz) Motor type 0Pa Flow 20Pa Flow
VENT E24 760x760x450 40 922 3~380 0,5cv/370w 10.600m³/h 9.780
VENT E30 920x920x400 52 589 3~380 0,5cv/370w 13.500m³/h 11.950
VENT E36 1075x1075x400 58 605 3~380 0,75cv/550w 19.880m³/h 17.930
VENT E50 1380x1380x450 86 430 3~380 1,5cv/1,1kw 40.800m³/h 37.850
VENT E53 1380x1380x400 82 473 3~380 1,5cv/1,1Kw 41.100 m³/h 39.300

Dimensiones y flujos:

Light traps

The COPILOT System Light traps improve the efficiency of the lighting programs. They have a high resistance to corrosion, cleaning products and UV light. They are simple to assemble and easy to clean due to the round shape of the plates.
There is a model for every fan of the range COPILOT VENT.

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